About the Foundation

The Chris “CJ” Johnson Foundation, founded in 2013 by Ritchie Johnson in memory of her son, Chris Johnson who passed away in 2012. This foundation is a 501©3 non-profit organization based in Sugar Land, Texas.  Our primary focus is on individuals with sickle hemoglobinopathies such as sickle cell trait (SCT), who may be at risk for renal medullary carcinoma (RMC); a rare and aggressive form of kidney cancer. We offer programs that educate, build awareness and promote advocacy, resulting in greater public understanding and ultimately a cure for RMC. In addition, the foundation donates annually to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas to advance RMC research.

Our mission is to be a global community dedicated to creating awareness and alleviating healthcare disparities for patients diagnosed with RMC through advocacy, education and research. Ultimately, all RMC patients will have access to institutions that are leaders in cutting-edge research.

Our vision is to eliminate healthcare disparities and find a cure for renal medullary carcinoma (RMC).


We are advocating for CHANGE!

There is a need to increase awareness in communities with a high prevalence of sickle cell trait and other sickle blood disorders. We must work together and with support from our state and Congress, we can and should address healthcare disparities by allowing RMC patients access to institutions with cutting-edge research regardless of insurance coverage. Dr. Tannir eloquently stated, “This under-appreciation of the true prevalence of RMC is an example of healthcare disparity. This is why we need to double our efforts to help the RMC community.”

We must drive processes to end healthcare disparities and to enhance cancer prevention, detection, and treatment programs. The lives of RMC patients matters and they deserve to receive quality care.

Together we will emerge stronger and with renewed hope for a better future.

Board of Directors & Medical Advisors

Ritchie Johnson

Sugar Land, Texas

Marc Johnson

Executive Director
Richmond, Texas

Rex Everett

Director/Community Outreach/Fundraiser
The Woodlands, Texas

Curtis Threat

Community Outreach/Fundraiser
Sugar Land, Texas

Angela Hawks-Johnson

Richmond, Texas

Charissa Moran

Director/Patient Liason
Clifton, New Jersey

Alexa Jett

Director/Patient Liaison
Palestine, Texas

Nizar M. Tannir

M.D., F. A. C. P.
Houston, Texas

Medical Advisor

Pavlos Msaouel

Assistant Professor
Houston, Texas

Medical Advisor


James Hamilton

Community Outreach
Houston, Texas

Marc Johnson II

Community Outreach
Richmond, Texas

Angie Gooden

Graphic Artist/Vocalist
Community Outreach
Katy, Texas

Teresa Lange

Community Outreach/Fundraiser
Sugar Land, Texas

Eric Johnson

Community Outreach
Sugar Land, Texas

Gabrielle Hayward-Johnson

Community Outreach
Houston, Texas