Dawud – Gives “HOPE” to Others Diagnosed with RMC

  • January 20, 2017

Laura & Dawud

Dawud, age 33, was diagnosed with RMC April 2016 after two episodes of hematuria, with metastasis to the liver, lungs and bones. From April until September, he received chemotherapy treatments which helped to shrink the tumors. But his blood counts couldn’t tolerate a second round of chemo. In November, after seeing some regrowth in the cancer lesions after stopping chemo, he became eligible to participate in the EZH2 inhibitor trial. This week, January 2017, he started Cycle 3 of the trial, and his doctor said that his scans looked very good, everything is stable with no growth since November 2016. He doesn’t have any side effects from the drug and overall feels great. Dawud and his family were so grateful to get this news, and wanted to share this update with those that are also fighting RMC to spread hope and optimism.

 Dawud has total support of his wife Laura and his beautiful daughter. Please keep this family and many others that are on the same journey as Dawud.