Reinaldo Costa Da Silva – Hero

  • June 06, 2021

Reinaldo Costa da Silva was born on May 26th 1982, in São Paulo, Brazil. He had a challenging childhood, but with his strength and good heart, he was able to overcome various difficulties and became successful.
Since childhood he knew he had  sickle cell trait, but being a common characteristic in his family, the only concern he had was not to have children with someone who also had sickle cell trait.
On January 26, 2019, Reinaldo began experiencing a strong pain in his abdomen. He went to the hospital and the tests confirmed he had cancer on the right kidney. Even though it was mentioned several times he had sickle cell trait, unfortunately the doctor in charge did not make any connection to RMC.
Three days after the cancer confirmation, he had his right kidney removed. The doctor said the surgery went well and the cancer had not spread to other parts of his body. The biopsy confirmed RMC
Three months after his surgery, Reinaldo had a cough with blood and was hospitalized for 2 weeks. At this time, it was confirmed that the cancer had spread to the right lung.
After many cycles of chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer continued to spread and was now in his bones.  Reinaldo passed away due to complications of RMC on May 27th 2021 at 1:30 am, just one day after his 39th birthday.  Life has been difficult for Mainara, his wife of three years and the children, Marlene (Mom), Eliezer (Dad), his siblings, Renata, Cicero, and Simone, remaining family and friends.
He will forever be loved and missed so so much.