Rhianna Ferguson – Hero

  • December 24, 2020

Rhianna Ferguson was 26 when she died of a rare type of kidney cancer called renal medullary carcinoma – doctors removed her kidney to try and beat the disease but it spread to her spine

Heart-breaking tributes have flooded in for a mother who died from cancer after a two-year battle.

Rhianna Ferguson was told she may have only months to live when diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer in October 2016.

The 26-year-old, who underwent surgery to remove a kidney in hope of helping her beat the disease, died in her sleep last week.

Ms Ferguson’s sister Renacia, from Greater Manchester, led the tributes, describing her as her ‘biggest inspiration’.

Renacia told the Manchester Evening News: ‘Rhianna was the most thoughtful diva in the world, she knew how to get her own way but she always helped anyone.

‘Rhianna would always pay, she was always giving, but she was always putting a smile on someone’s face.

‘Whether it was laughing with her or at her she would be making someone laugh. She was just one in a million.

‘Everything she was will live on through her daughter, the Rhianna part two. She will be everything Rhianna was and more and continue to make her mum proud.’